Hand painted digital painting. Engagement couple at Ocean City Maryland beach sunset.

Handpainted portraits- digital artist joyce farkas

Meet the other half of my team, Joyce! Joyce is an accomplished brush artist with more than 20 years experience in acrylics. Our studio is proud to offer you custom digital hand painted portraits for your home (note, these are truly hand painted, no filters or automatic actions are applied). When you select this service, Joyce will artfully interpret your image using a state of the art digital pen/tablet combination and software to create truly stunning work from a Readyaimeeshoot image.  To finish your portrait, we have carefully curated and identified the top processes and finishes for your artwork. Your portrait is first bonded to the highest quality canvas using a time honored technology that fuses your image directly to the canvas. Your canvas is then sealed with several coats of lacquer,  hand finished with clear acrylics, sealed again, and framed with your choice of custom wood frames, for museum quality wall art that will be sure to be enjoyed by future generations. These portraits must be seen in person to appreciate the time and care that is used to create them. Clients typically spend $1500-$2500 or more for custom painted and framed portraits. We have several on display in our studio and we would love to show them to you! Please contact us to learn more about this service- 443-974-5930 or visit Joyce's website to see her portfolio 

Digital paintings by Joyce Farkas
Hand painted portrait of child. Realistic digital painting. Hand painted portrait.