On Your Table...

Can't decide on just a few images? Maybe you'd like a way to share your memories that you can touch and feel. Turning the pages of an heirloom album as you reminisce over a hot cup of coffee on a snowy morning or perhaps a nice glass of Chardonnay on a warm summer evening, is a wonderful way to relive your treasured memories or share them one on one with someone special. We offer thick page, glossy albums that just beg to be handled, from 790

Ever wonder how our museum quality canvases are made? Watch this video from our canvasser and find out!


Perhaps you would like several matted prints and the flexibility of how and when to display them.  Why keep your remaining prints tucked away in a boring old box, when you can have them at your fingertips safely held in a sophisticated folio box or folded folio? Fine art prints are professionally matted on acid free archival bevel cut mats. Choose a distinctive folio box, with velvety soft interior to hold up to 25 images, or folded folio in linen to hold up to 4 images starting at 290.


Details- The Art That You Love


We believe your portraits deserve to have a life outside of your phone and thumb drive. You should experience the same joy when you walk by your portraits that you did when you first saw them. Whether that joy comes from a large canvas on your wall, an heirloom album, fine linen folio, or one of our hand painted portraits, we are here to help make that moment happen over and over again.Our clients typically spend between 600-1800 or more to have art to display on their table and a presentation on the wall.  


When is the last time someone gushed over an 8 x 10 portrait sitting on your side table? Chances are they didn't even notice it until you pointed out it was there. Now imagine that favorite image as a 20 x 30 canvas or even larger on your wall. Everyone who comes into the room will see it and want to talk about it! We want to provide you with an experience you will love to share with other people, and we will help you determine the most appropriately sized art work for your wall space. We have selected the very best print labs and custom framers for our work, so your portraits will be sure to be enjoyed for many years to come. We offer mounted and framed prints, gallery wrap canvases and clusters, and museum quality bonded canvases (part of our hand painted portrait offering, from 490.